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We Take It Personally

At iCentris we take the business of direct selling personally. This business is personal and we get it. It is a business of relationships and caring enough about those around us to share the best of what we have found for ourselves with others. It’s about learning and growing together to become better than we were yesterday.  It’s about daring to dream and reach and stretch beyond ourselves and lifting each other to achieve those dreams.

Our company mission is to empower individuals and companies to discover and grasp their full potential.  We take that mission seriously because we care. We know how important each individual’s journey is and, we know how hard the journey can be at times. That’s why we are focused on delivering the best tools and best user experience for our customers.

Our vision is to be the best supplier partner in the direct selling industry … not just the best technology or marketing provider but the best company for your company and independent associates to work with regardless of the category.

We would love to share more of our vision with you and work together with you to provide your field members with the very best opportunity for their individual success.

Because when distributors succeed, we all do.


Take Pride in Your Work and Industry

Recently we read an article by Jeffrey Mirro titled "Take Pride in Your Network Marketing Business" and it made a number of good points. But the title says it all.

It's worth a read in full but here's an excerpt:

"If you really want to succeed in network marketing, if you really want to sell your company's products and recruit others into your business, then it is imperative that you take an enormous amount of pride in your network marketing business."

The concept should be a given. But for some reason, many people who start a new network marketing opportunity get discouraged because their friends and family don't consider what they are doing a legitimate business. Well, one of the ways to prove them wrong is to take pride in what you are doing, and treat it just like you would any other business or company for which you've ever worked.

As with any other business, the head of it must believe in the products and business model while taking pride in the fact that they represent a brand capable of becoming hugely successful. How many entrepreneurs do think started their new business with the attitude that they hoped their friends and family never find out what they are doing?

Mirro then offers some decent suggestions as to "How" you can start out with pride and confidence in your new business opportunity and we've listed them below mixed with some of our comments on them as well:

  • Take a different perspective. Share your own positive story about the company, products and business plan. Take pride in the fact that you are representing a company that enables you to make residual income. This is your business. Treat it as such.
  • Wear your pride as if it were a national brand. Would a McDonald's or Subway owner not tell people what company they operate? Would a real estate agent try to hide their affiliation with the real estate company that allows them to pay their bills? Of course not. 
  • Every industry has its scars. Network Marketing gets a bad rap for having scammers and fraud. But what industry doesn't have that? Is the Internet any better? The energy industry? Oil? Exactly. So, we all just need to get over it. There are scams everywhere these days. And the "pyramid scheme" argument doesn't hold water when it's a legitimate company you are joining. Explain that any business where a product is sold and new distributors have the ability to make more than those that started before them.
  • Turn your pride into effort. Take pride in your company today and promote it like it's your lifeblood, because financially, it is. It could set you on the path towards financial independence.
  • Use the products. Doing this adds enthusiasm and a love for your company and products that people feed off of. And there is nothing like really believing in something to put a boost in your confidence and pride.
  • Be honest. Some people use terms like "revenue sharing" and "affiliate marketing" to hide the fact that they are in a multi-level marketing business, especially online. Why all of the cover-ups? If you like what you do and you like your product, you don't need to hide it. Share it loud and people who are really interested will come.

So ... Why are people are ashamed of this business, company and marketing methods? It's time for a change. This can be done by taking true ownership of what you are doing, by practicing honest and upfront, by telling the truth, telling your story and letting people choose to work with you.

No more fake it till you make it.

No more tricky business names and hiding what you're really doing.

You're a network marketer. You're a business owner. Have some pride and people will gravitate to your attitude and passion.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this post in the comments below.


iCentris Acquires Top Direct Sales Software Competitor SolutionX

Today we’re announcing some major news.

Last week, the board of SolutionX agreed to merge with iCentris, Inc., another direct selling software provider based in Woods Cross, Utah.

Around here, we’re very excited. We think the two companies will create the dominant MLM and Direct Sales software provider in this industry. It will allow us to deliver at a higher level than we ever have before.

Our mutual goal going forward will be to design, develop and deliver the best web tools and enhancements for helping distributors succeed. As a result, we look forward to increased sales, higher recruiting and retention rates, improved overall customer/client satisfaction and reduced operating costs. 

As far as our products, we anticipate the development of a next-generation “Unity” platform to grow out of the combined efforts of the companies. We will create an unparalleled tool-set to best serve our clients. Simply put, there will be no other offering like ours in the market.

We’re happy to be welcomed into the iCentris family and we look forward to years of leading the direct sales software space together and staying ahead of the trends -- and our competitors -- in providing the best social marketing web solutions for network marketers, party planners, and direct sellers. 

Click here to read the official press release.

Essential Tools for Word-of-Mouth Marketers

A few days ago I re-discovered a helpful article from Mashable, "the top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture," aimed at companies and organizations looking to improve their social media reach.

First posted in 2009, there are still some great tips and resources for people in the Network Marketing industry and those independent word-of-mouth marketers who make it tick.

The artcile features 18 websites and tools aimed at helping you improve your Social Media Listening and Monitoring, your Editorial, Publishing, and Content Syndication and, of course, measuring your Conversation and Content Sharing.

Here's the link: 18 Essential Tools for Every Word-of-Mouth Marketer

Do you think social media tools like these can help your business flourish or are they more helpful for traditional products and services?


Are You Waiting for Others to Make You Successful?

In a word: don't.

Network Marketing isn't about leaders or the company making you successful. Network Marketing is about improving yourself so you can make others successful.

Sure, leaders are important. Yes, picking the right company to begin with is important. But if the basic criterion are met, the rest is up to you. But no leader is perfect and no company is immune to mistakes or criticism.

However, most leaders and companies will present the opportunity like it is the "one and only" when what you really need to do is find what company matches your personality and goals. So, unless you really aren't seeing results from the product (so you are unable to create your own success stories), you would be smart to "love the one you're with" instead of hopping around.

The real key will be to continue to grow in your own ability to present the opportunity. Use tools -- like the Unity website -- and get training, like any other professional would.

Then, when you go out and do the work, let the people know you are an imperfect person working for an imperfect company that happens to have a product that you love and will use forever because of the results you get. This honesty will not only prepare them for a challenging road ahead but will earn you respect for telling it like it is upfront.

No lies, no hype and no unrealistic expectations. If you both have a clear vision of what it will take to succeed, you can reach out together to shape your own financial futures.