About iCentris

iCentris is focused on Distributor success, the smart way. We have the latest in industry tools, the most compelling content, and a community that keeps you coming back. We combine these to make sure your Distributors are poised for success. Distributors want to succeed – we make sure they get there.

Meet the Team

Innovation, quality and service continues to propel everyone at iCentris. Our goal is to not only provide success tools but to create the best Internet business solutions for this industry.

One of the most unique qualifications of the our team is its directly relevant experience in the industry of Network Marketing and Direct Sales. The core iCentris team, led by CEO Peter Benedict, has 200+ years of experience as distributors, vendors and/or corporate employees in the Network Marketing industry. Because we have done both the corporate and distributor-side of this industry ourselves, we understand your mindset and your distributor’s needs.

It's one thing to provide a service. It's another to know what services and tools companies and distributors will actually want. iCentris understands the unique industry and culture that encompasses network marketing. This is a perspective that is hard to come by when considering other Internet software and application vendors.