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Connect. Convert. Unite.

They have a dream, you have an opportunity and we have the right system to bring it all together. Our priority is to keep the sales force moving forward. Our software systems align direct sales business rules with web-based technology allowing individuals and companies to connect with more customers, convert new leads and unite their teams. This is what forward thinking looks like.

Simplify Process.
Increase ROI.

Your distributors have a lot on their plate. Because they have the same 24 hours that the rest of us have, they need to make the most of every minute they spend on their business. Our systems organize and simplify the success process by helping them focus on the right activities and complete them effectively. That increases their ROI, and yours.

Automate Business.
Accelerate Progress.

You know what it takes to succeed; but even though the information is out there, it doesnít always get used. Our MLM software helps you deliver precise and targeted messaging to your unique audience. Now you can accelerate field development by sending the right message, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Grow Social.
Build Loyalty.

Every interaction a distributor has with you creates, strengthens or renews a relationship, which is why we have a private social network that connects the field to you and to each other. Together, as a community, you can answer questions, train, motivate and grow the business. This is how you build loyalty.

Be Responsive.
Expand Reach.

If a website isnít responsive, it isnít relevant. You can reach a larger audience with an optimized site that has a familiar design no matter which device your audience uses. Your distributors will love the convenience of having the tools they need, whenever they need them, wherever they are.

Manage Content.
Improve Efficiency.

Content management can feel chaotic; you have to keep all of the right people involved and publish it in multiple channels, markets and languages. While youíre doing all this, there are changes, processes and waiting. Our MLM software has a content management system (CMS) that allows permitted team members to write, edit, approve and publish to your back office. Thatís how you improve efficiency.

Understand Data.
Improve Marketing.

Instead of relying on a gut feeling, make data-driven decisions using website analytics that connect usage with sales transactions. Your sales force can have visually optimized performance reports to help them easily identify where to focus their efforts. The right data allows you to constantly improve marketing and track success.

A New Vibe

This is where direct sales and technology converge with a straightforward online marketing system which improves sales force success. Itís new, itís better, itís VIBE.

Itís new, itís better,
itís VIBE.

A New Vibe

The Ultimate Business Success System

The Functionality They Need.
All In One Place.

Itís essential for your sales force to have the right tools so their first impression is a great one. At iCentris, we offer more than your run-of-the-mill replicated website. Itís a complete system that helps distributors connect with prospects, manage downline growth, communicate, professionally market their business and more.

  • Performance Reports
  • Contact Manager
  • Order Management
  • New Distributor Enrollment
  • Personalized Website
  • Communications Center
  • Party Manager
  • Private Social Network

The Must-Have Mobile Business Success System

Information at Your
Fingertips On All of Your Devices

By the end of 2014 there will be more mobile connected devices than human beings on earth. If youíre website isnít responsive, it wonít be completely relevant. Our MLM software gives your sales force freedom to work wherever they are.

Evolving to Optimize

Your Strategic Partner in
Growth-Based Technology

The evolution of technology is moving faster than the speed of light. The solutions that were cutting edge a few years ago are old news today. At iCentris we continually innovate. We analyze usage and dedicate resources to finding the solutions that have the biggest impact on field development. We stay ahead of the curve so you are too.

Youíre not investing in MLM software that will be irrelevant in a few years; youíre investing in a strategic partner in growth-based technology. Our product is made to fit your marketóeven as the market changes.

Our Clients
Creating Business Success Stories

What Theyíre Saying

iCentris is a strategic partner that not only understands our business model, but genuinely cares about our consultantís success. Their products have opened up a new world of possibilities, by making it easier for consultants to manage their business. We have confidence working with iCentris because we know they will deliver on their promises and their customer service is top-notch. †iCentris has always been a reliable partner in IT for us.

Kurt Fulle | President & CEO of (Nikken)

Love at first click! This has truly been a business altering experience for our leadership representatives.

John Fleming | Vice President of US Sales and Strategies (Avon)

iCentris has been a first class vendor. Because of their software's scalability, internationalization and computation speed, USANA has been able to enter new markets, lower operational costs, and increase retention, recruiting and sales.

Dave Wentz | President (Usana Health Sciences)

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Our mission is to empower individuals and companies to grasp their full potential using tools that increase productivity and have measurable results. We help you attract prospects, retain new recruits and build strong leadership with growth based MLM software. Whether youíre MLM or Party Plan, startup or enterprise, we have the MLM software solution that will work for you.

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