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Prospect Marketing Sites

A 24/7 marketing companion developed to capture and convert leads

Allows distributors to focus on the follow-up

Often sales paralysis can occur when someone is new at this business. The sales presentation on the Marketing Site is low-impact, low-pressure and full of information so a distributor can send someone there and let the site teach.

A sales funnel that never feels pushy

The site tour takes a prospect through a process that is proven to convert without ever making the visitor feel like they need to take a shower or get counseling. Ours is a site that will make distributors proud to be Network Marketers.

Landing Pages target prospects’ specific interests

Simple. Effective. Focused. If a distributor knows the specific aspect someone is interested in, they can send them straight to a custom landing page that will cultivate that interest into a full-fledged lead.

Templates give variety to the look and feel of the site

Templates switch out all content on the website, allowing distributors to display only product related information or both product and opportunity related information.

Simple product ordering and custom distributor enrollment

Ordering or enrolling in a direct selling company can be an intimidating and complex process. Our usability experts will take your business requirements like: enrollment packages, initial orders, autoship selection, and information collection and convert them into an understandable and smooth experience.

Feature single product lines with custom Micro Sites

A landing page’s bigger, more talkative brother, Micro Sites go deeper into product benefits and gives especially curious prospects the information they crave. Different from a landing page in that the net is cast wider to catch the prospect who values information but doesn’t yet know what they want.

Video tours present the message 24/7

Present your product and opportunity message with full comprehension and accuracy every time-24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Just tell them to go to your site and take the free video tour.

A media rich site experience that shows off your products

Our video production values stand toe-to-toe with any other new media or ad agency in the industry. When you want focused, high-converting video, or audio messaging, look no further than the iCentris platforms.

Give your sales reps a name and a face with Public Profiles

The public profile allows visitors to see a personal side to the business, see what they like, who they are and what makes them tick. It’s better than buying from a hot-shot sales guy. It’s a real person with a life story.

Connect with Me feature shows visitors where else to find site owners online

Site visitors can connect to a distributor’s accounts on external social sites by clicking the Connect with Me links on the marketing site. Distributors can feature accounts from leading social media services, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Take the jitters out of presenting the opportunity

Distributors often worry about how they will come across to a new prospect. The Marketing Site content and design lets them feel confident that the site they send people to is current and professional. Everyone will breathe easy.

Pre-qualify and add prospects to the Contact Manager

When prospects visit a distributor’s site, a clear message directs them to the lead capture form. Then they show up as a true lead in the Contact Manager where distributors can focus on signing them up instead of trying to “sell” the uninterested.

Prospect Marketing Tools

A 24/7 marketing companion developed to capture and convert leads

Automated follow-up to save–distributors time

“The fortune is in the follow up.” The system helps distributors save time following up by automatically sending pre-written email responses to prospects who fill out lead capture forms on the website.

With company-branded email, distributors share in something big

How does username@yourcompany.com sound? Distributors use their own branded email to send images, files and event invitations or even add HTML formatting to their marketing. Having an email with your company name adds credibility to your business.

Use email campaigns to effectively drip messaging to leads and prospects

These pre-formatted email campaigns are professionally written and include links to a distributor’s personal website. They are formatted in HTML and proven to be 3 times more effective than text-only emails. It doesn't get much better than that.

Call Scripts help guide beginner marketers through the sale

Professionally-written call scripts help distributors present the product or opportunity right, every single time by prompting them to ask the best questions and say the right thing.

With situation specific one-click emails, follow up is just a mouse click away

After distributors make a call or street contact, they can make notes in the Contact Manager and send pre-written follow-up emails with a click of a button.

Give access to company files, videos, pamphlets and tools

Distributors can send corporate-approved PDFs, video and other marketing, follow-up, or training resources to their prospects from the Resource Library.

A dynamic Calendar to keep everyone connected

Sure, you already use other calendars. But, none of them work with your distributors’ businesses like this one does. Events posted by corporate are instantly displayed in all calendars. Distributors can also use a personal calendar to manage prospect meetings and presentations.

Tasks to help focus and increase efficiency

Distributors have so much to think about: phone calls, emails to team members, finding new recruits. When you are organized, things get done. With Tasks, distributors can assign due dates, add notes and attach to contact records, so their business stays organized.

Contact Tracking so distributors never lose sight of a lead

See which prospects have visited the site, filled out forms and viewed emailed resource files. A contact’s information will always be in reach with an online address book.

Email Tracking means they’ll know when a lead is hot

The ability to track all sent email, so distributors find out when people open messages and click links, makes it easy to follow up with a call tailored to fit the content of the email.

Custom eCards to invite, inform and inspire

Sending a well designed, customizable eCard is a great way to send event invitations, important information or motivational messages. There's no limit to the number of eCards you can create.

Video manager for sending media messages to a select audience

Video messages are an effective tool for marketing and communication. Upload videos to the video library for distributors to use as official marketing, training or informational content. Choose your recipient list with various filters available in your contact manager.

Private Social Network

A community where distributors can gather and share in success and life

Everything you want your distributors to care about all in one spot

Upload pictures, write blogs, set goals, enter info and share it all with the community and site prospects.

The place to tell their story online 24/7

Everyone has a tale to tell and when you have a community of like-minded, success driven people, the stage is set to hear some powerful personal stories and achievements for the day.

See company successes from around the globe instantly

It’s not just one team in the community. It’s everyone. Now the ups and downs, ins and outs and back and forth of the business can be shared between people of all levels of expertise and success. The one common thread is that they love your company and product and can’t wait to tell people about it as good things happen to them.

A communication tool for entire teams

We know retaining new distributors is a challenge. The Private Social Network is a place to go to get cheered on by team members, find out what works and see when and where to meet. Distributors can send internal messages to anyone in their organization in a matter of seconds and sort by country, rank or individual.

Company news delivered right to their site

Good communication is key to any successful business. The community is the perfect place to deliver news first and let the community and social networks spread it for you like wildfire.

Allows distributors to celebrate life with other team members

Your community is a place to post pics, video, encouragement, blog posts, articles and more so everyone can see they are part of the bigger picture that is your company and products.

Other benefits of the Private Community include

  • Strengthens retention efforts by uniting corporate encouragement with team reinforcement.
  • Gets discouraged members recharged, motivated and involved.
  • Gives distributors ideas to merge into their own business strategy.
  • Offers a sense of closeness across geographical borders.
  • Keeps distributors plugged in and less likely to abandon the business early.

Integrated Reports and Genealogy

Data pulled from your existing provider gives a snapshot of their business

One online destination for all distributor needs

Our platforms do not calculate sales and commissions or manage your company’s genealogy tree. We leave that to the experts (i.e. your existing data providers, like Exigo, InfoTrax, ByDesign, OrbSix, Xennsoft, or your home-grown commission engine) and then integrate that into our platform. No need to log into a separate back office to access business information. Our system is the distributor’s one-stop shop for business success.

eSuite Reports and Genealogy DLM

This is the downline manager to end all downline managers. DLM reports are powerful tools that allow distributors to quickly view data vital to their business or pull custom reports as needed.

Commission Reports to show distributors their earnings

Stay up-to-date on your current pay rank, sales, enrollments and commissions. Every piece of business data you need is delivered to you in an easy-to-understand format.

Genealogy reports at the click of a button

View your entire enrollment tree, including personally sponsored and customers. Wanna get to know them better? Just click on their name to visit their profile and see what they’ve posted.

Get Order History online

Review your product order history, manage autoship and place new orders—all from your Back Office.

Dashboard Homepage for immediate access to important info

The Back Office home page gives you quick access to website statistics, new email and contacts and even sales and downline statistics.

Notifications to your personal email or text-enabled mobile phone

Distributors get real time info in real time about what is happening on their website, in their downline organization or even in the company community.

Real-time feeds to keep informed

Distributors will get real-time notifications when visitors reach their website, open emails, download resources, enroll, or make purchases.

Alerts on a variety of dashboard items

As soon as distributors log in, their dashboard will alert them of new leads, daily events, due tasks, and messages received from their team, keeping the important things within reach every day.

Training and Certification

Allows your company to send one message to everyone in one place.

A simple format that is easy to watch and digest

Distributors log in, click Training and start their business or product training in a matter of seconds. The videos are short and sweet and packed with information without being overwhelming. The certification process lets them feel confident in their new skills.

Certification gives everyone an equal playing field

Everyone has access to the same training and certification processes. As long as they log in, they have the same advantages as everyone else in building their business into a success. All it takes is drive.

Videos show how to use their marketing website

The System Tutorial are the clear and simple step-by-step guides to using the website. Once through the series, distributors will have the skills they need to take the world by storm.

Allow leaders to touch the world, not just a room

Your best leaders can upload company approved video training to show people exactly how to earn income with their business. Fresh content from leaders gives people a reason to stay motivated toward success.

You select who influences your distributor field

We let you hand pick the faces and voices you want to feature and your distributors to duplicate. This eliminates worrying about anyone saying something you wouldn’t tell them yourselves.

Party Planner

Hosting a party has never been this easy.

Your Party Plan company will stand out

Separate your company from the rest with iCentris. Whether you sell kitchen utensils, home decor, jewelry, cosmetics, handbags, etc., we will customize our Web Office and mobile solutions to help you and your sales force be successful.

Back Office tools to organize your party plan event

Using iCentris tools, the party planning process is simplified and streamlined. Hosts can send eCard invites that look exciting and professional. When guests RSVP, it’s shared to create party excitement.

Bookings are simple and generate enthusiasm and interest

The consultant can post a Goal, see Guests Attending, and get coached to success. The tool’s simplified booking of new parties will generate the desire to host more parties or to mentor other consultants to host their own.

It’s time to simplify the party experience

Now the host can focus on exactly what their guests need and increase sales instead of worrying about paperwork. Guests can use the app or back office to place orders and increases excitement through order sharing in turn larger order amounts

mParty is the the game-changing app for party planning

Catch the mobile wave and be one of only 21% of companies with a mobile solution. Not only does mParty add excitement, it leads to more bookings and more consultants willing to host which leads to more new members.

mParty also offers:

  • The ability to take more orders at the party because of little to no paperwork
  • Place larger orders using the app
  • Streamlines the party experience and focuses energy on the party not the paperwork
  • The app eliminates the need to wait in line to place an order with the consultant
  • Leaves the guests with the thought of: “That was easy – I could do that” which leads to interest, recruits, and more leads.


Separate yourself from the competition

A mobile app will separate you from 79% of companies

It’s no secret that mobile is becoming the next huge thing in business. We want to help you become one of only 21% of businesses that have a mobile presence.

Empowerment in the palm of their hands

Our goal is to leverage mobile solutions to empower your company and distributors and better serve your customers. iCentris developers and designers work closely with a number of innovative partners to find the right mobile strategy for your company.

mParty is Party Planning at your finger tips

Not only does the mParty app add excitement, it leads to more bookings and more consultants willing to host which leads to more new members.

mParty also offers:

  • The ability to take more orders at the party because of little to no paperwork
  • Place larger orders using the app
  • Streamlines the party experience and focuses energy on the party not the paperwork
  • The app eliminates the need to wait in line to place an order with the consultant
  • Leaves the guests with the thought of: “That was easy – I could do that” which leads to interest, recruits, and more leads.

The opportunity of mobile solutions

The increase of mobile commerce sales is no mistake. People want to be able to browse, watch video, and buy easily from their mobile devices. For your company, it can be a huge business opportunity. At iCentris, we have the experience and relationships to develop and support a mobile order and enrollment process for your team.

To see exactly how we are implementing mobile answers for our clients, visit the View Examples page here.

And More ...

Tax help from Deductr and other tools round out Unity

Deductr: the easiest online tax solution

Deductr is an Internet solution for Network Marketers to maximize their tax deductions for themselves or their business. By spending a few minutes in Deductr each day, they can take advantage of all the tax benefits that come with owning a home-based business. When Tax Day rolls around, they click a button and print every report they’ll need. Deductr helps them save more money a year than they are paying for their autoship, leading to more retention.

GoNudge: a leader in mobile marketing and messaging

GoNudge utilizes the latest advanced technologies to help distributors and organizations connect with their customers and leads to improve loyalty, increase retention and provide instant important alerts and notifications.

Tier Two Support

When your support agents have questions they can’t answer, they can email, call, or chat with our friendly customer support representatives and receive answers to their questions.

Varied Subscription Plans

A variety of plans means distributors can choose what price point fits their marketing plan, goals and wallet. Free, Pro and Elite are just some of the potential subscriptions you can include in your iCentris platform.

Added Value and Revenue

The iCentris platforms show the world you have a serious approach to distributor success and the income generated from site sales can go right back into your company. Instead of an expense on your Income Statement, the platform becomes a profit center for your company.

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